NMIS wants to Increase the Fine for Selling and Processing Botcha

National Meat Inspection Service want to increase the fine for selling and processing of double dead meat, botcha. Animal raisers continue to process and sell these hazardous meats. The existing fine for the violation is not less than 1,000 pesos but not more than 10,000 pesos. The agency wants to raise the fine to not less than 50,000 pesos but not more thannmis logo 200,000 [ABS-CBN, Bandila].

Paying a small amount of 10,000 wont hurt illegal processors and sellers. They can easily pay the fine and continue the illegal did again. However 200,000 pesos is a big deal, it might help stop the market of forbidden goods.

For me, the minimum fine should be raised to 200,000 and not 50,000. Illegal selling of botcha is not a petty crime. Selling just one double dead pig might bring illness to hundreds of people. It should be taken seriously.

Taste and appearance of double dead meat are masked by processing. Fresh meat and botcha processed to various products are almost always identical, differences are hard to determine. Botcha processed meat emit foul odors when heated. However, the technique does not always work.

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