Is it Ok to Eat Expired Foods?

If I was not mistaken the first date written below is March 31, 2010 and the second date is December 30, 2010. The first is manufacturing date and the second is expiration date. The unknown biscuit has an approximate shelf life of nine months.

The current date as of writing this post is January 8, 2011. The biscuit is nine days expired.

expiry date

The biscuit along with other expired goods were brought to us by my mother-in-law. She said that the commercial foods were given by her friend. She never knew how her friend acquired the products. Maybe they are sold cheap or given by the manufacturer, just my opinion.

I opened a pack and did an inspection. The biscuit was still good, no sign of spoilage such as molds and bad smell. The taste was also good, just like a newly manufactured biscuit. Food product shelf life maybe longer if held under favorable conditions such as low temperature and low humidity. I ate several packs without hesitations

cookie snack

I never revealed the products name cause I was sure that its manufacturer never want to distribute expired goods.

Now, it is really ok to eat EXPIRED FOODS? the ANSWER IS NO! The good thing to do is to contact the food manufacturer or authorities if you encounter some of it.

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