A Safer Food to Eat with Organic Act of 2010

Agricultural advancement brought the invention of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicide, commercially prepared animal feeds and medicines. These technologies increase crop and animal production, sustain enough food supply and increase farmer’s income.organics logo

New technologies are wonders but as time passes by they become culprits. People are busy creating new things that bring harmful effect to health and environment. Then they struggle to replace it with a new one when the effects of previous invention is already worse.

Effects of farm inputs such as chemical fertilizers, pesticides and antibiotics are slowly discovered. Effects of chemicals to human and environment are proven and documented. Now we are attempting to repair the damage by going backward, practice organic farming.

Organically produced commodities are safer to eat and do less damage to environment. Some reasons are explained here.

Philippine government is participating  in a chemical-free agriculture by creating a law –  the Republic Act  100681  or  Organic Agriculture Act of 2010. We can expect a safer food to eat in the near future because the law stated … “to protect the health of farmers, consumers and the general public”.

I hope the authorities have enough power to implement the law and punish all violators.

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