Pandesal Bread With A Soap Flavor

For four consecutive days, my pack breakfast which were pandesal bread  had taste of soap. It never smelled like one but a faint lingering flavor was manifesting on every bite. It was a turn off and I felt like not eating it. However, I was not sensitive enough to throw the pandesal away.

pandesal on cellophane

What could be the reasons why bread had an off taste? I am sure any baker would never intentionally add any off ingredient. It was more likely a negligence.  The flour was stored near dish washing soap. The equipment, tables and processing area were washed but not properly rinsed and the residual soap mixed with the prepared bread. There are many things that could happen due to carelessness, not only making the taste bad, but the whole bread dangerous.

Rumor! A large and popular bread factory was forced to transfer to other location. It was a necessary move to save their product from customer dissatisfaction. Their previous plant was near the soap factory and their bread products were getting soap flavor.


One Comment

  • Doesn’t vegetable shortening (which I believe is an ingredient in bread making) taste like soap when it’s old and rancid? I used to sense that soapy smell back when we passed by that cooking oil factory in Manila (Pandacan?)
    Soap comes from cooking oil that’s had lye added to it.

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