The Culprit of Spoiled Rice (Panis na Kanin)

Rice cooked for breakfast is best eaten at breakfast time. It is still good for lunch and often not for dinner. There are rice varieties that stay good for longer periods, cooked rice in the morning is still for until dinner.

Some rice are naturally watery or moist after cooking. Others are naturally dry. Too moist are called malata while too dry are maligat. Dry varieties can last longer without spoilage. Less moisture prohibits microbial activities. While more will encourage it.

The above statement is not always true. A cooked rice might be panis (spoiled) few hours after, regardless of being dry or moist. The culprit is the cauldron cover. After cooking the rice is still hot and the water is evaporating. The cover traps moisture then condensation will occur. Water droplets will fall to cooked rice making it more moist and prone to spoilage.

water droplets cauldron cover


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