Parafin Wax on Apples

an apple slice

Have you heared of rumors of apples having paraffin wax? Suggestive of the thing “don’t eat it”.

The same issue became a trend with instant noodles. It has paraffin. As remedy, intelligent netizens arrived to idea of double boiling it. During first foil, the paraffin will melt and rise up. Throw away the first boiled liquid and reboil with refilled fresh water.

I say paraffin wax is not the issue. Instant noodles are not healthy by nature. Don’t it eat with or without paraffin.

How about paraffin on apples. I think it is 99% true.

an apple slice

Apples are not native to our homeland. We cannot grow apple trees so we need to import fruits from America. Imagine how long it takes to haul it from farm, to warehouse, ports, shipping lines, to our warehouses and distribution channels. Three to four months I guess. Apples cannot make it here without couples of preservation techniques, like refrigeration, irradiaton and wax coating. Yes, I said wax coating. That is paraffin. Let us keep our hopes high and wish it is food grade paraffin.

Fruits maybe coated with paraffin to reduce the respiration rate, extending its shelf life. Back to our botany class. Fruits and vegetables physiological processes continue after harvest.

Paraffin is not digestible but not harmful either. I will pass through mouth, stomach, instestines and down to… Not unless you intentianlly ingest a kilo on regular basis.

Paraffin is approved food additive with E number of E905. It is anti-foaming agent and commonly found in chewing gums.


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