Cellular Phones as Medium of Coliform Spread

E coli can be found in food product such as chicken, meat, pork, fruits and vegetables. Human feces is the main source of this bacteria. Coliform on food and other object is a sign of fecal contamination and improper hygiene. E.g.  A story from my professor. Tons of sausages were rejected due to high coliform count. The company did actions to trace the cause. They found out that one of their employee never took a bath before going to work. What a mess! blurred mobile phone

Not just foods. The thing we regularly use might be contaminated with E coli. According the the study conducted by London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, the 16% of hands  and 16% of cellular phones were positive to coliforms.

Du….! About 16% of the population is not hygienic enough.

Mobile phones are very good medium for bacterial spread. We use it regularly, lend it to others and touch other object and foods after. Some of us are calling / messaging while in the comfort room. We wash / sanitize our hand regularly but we cannot do it with our phones. Imagine washing phone with soap and water or dipping it in chlorinated water.

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