Sample Food Processing Plant Lay-out

Please consider the two sample images before attempting  to build your new food processing plant.  Processing plants should be built in accordance to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP),  Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) and Food Safety Management System.

I remembered my friend told me that he has to rebuild his area due to non-compliance with food safety measures.


plant layout2

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  1. In my previous comment I meant: If I use a canning process to fill soups and that boiled soup has preservatives added, do I still need to submit my already canned soup to heat treatment?

  2. Hi: If I cannig for a soup processing which has been added preservatives against microbial growth, do I still need to heat treat the sealed cans?
    Thank you,
    Jose Tirado

  3. Hello!
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    1. Do you mean commercial scale sugar cane processing? You need someone with expertise in this industry or an equipment manufacturer.

      I can only help you with the small to medium scale processing of coconut sugar, sugar palm sugar, sugar cane etc…

  4. Hi, i need a lay out plan for vegetable prosesing plant, can any body sujest to me? (land,infra,prozect cost etc)

  5. Hello,

    Thanks for sharing, but if I may comment, on the first diagram, the processing area should not open to the restrooms, since this may provide contamination. This makes first diagram non-compliant to Food Safety/GMP/HACCP.


    1. @Muhammad – I am hoping the following links can help you decide or design the processing plant according to your needs.

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