Unbreakable Polycarbonate LED Bulb

break resistant led bulb

The condition set by FDA guy to place all lighting inside protective cover or replace it with the new unbreakable LED bulb bothered me for a while.

Why ordinary are rejected?  In worse case scenario, bulb glass might break and contaminate food.  How bad broken glass is? I can inflict wound to outer skin easily what more to internals.

It is crystal clear that replacing the latter wins. Imagine the cost of light covers plus installation cost. On the other hand, just buy unbreakable polycarbonate LED bulb and replace the current. For flourescent light fixture, additional bulb receptable is very cheap and easy to install too.

Where can I find unbreakable bulb? I told my fried the story and he quickly replied with an answer. There is really a new kind of LED bulb and it is unbreakable. Public market vendors are throwing them on concrete floors and lighting them up to attract buyers.

From public market? I was getting the impression of inferior quality so I was not interested. Instead, I looked on local online store and found what I was looking for.

update as of June 18 2016:

I tried the cheap led bulb from public market out of curiosity. See article “The Cheap But Break Resistant LED Bulb“.

The brand that claimed to be unbreakable is made of polycarbonate plastic. If it is polycarbonate then it is really unbreakable. I have polycarbonate molding trays at home. They are unbreakable as far as my experience is concerned. I have been dropping them accidentally every now and then. Thankfully, no cracks, no breaks.

The price is almost double compared to ordinary LED bulb. It still outweighs the cost of protective cover and installation.

How about availability in local hardware stores? I tried several establishment but they all do not have stocks. I guess the technology is still very young. I also came across to large hardware store which the attendant entertained me well. He showed me the “shock and vibration resistant” words on label of one particular brand.

What he claimed is true. The bulb is light weight and plastic base. He gently tapped it several times on wooden shelf, no breaks, and light tested. However, the claim “unbreakable” is missing and he never dared throwing it down on floor. I never know what plastic it is made of but I felt like its gonna break with a bit stronger force than gentle tapping.

update as of July 2016

I tried the Shock and Vibration Resistant LED bulb of Omni. It works pretty well!


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