Mercury Contaminated Infant Formula, Quan You | Advisory

Following the ruckus about the mercury contaminated milk, the Food and Drug Administration, FDA,  released an advisory last June 20, 2012. The DOH-FDA Advisory No. 2012-002. The advisory is originally available in website in scanned image pdf format.

Subject: Reports of mercury tainted infant formula manufactured by Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group in China

Following the reports that China’s product quality watchdog, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ), detected unusual levels of mercury in several batches of Yili baby formula (Quan You baby formula), the public is advised that the product is Not Registered with FDA neither any record of application of infant formula manufactured and sourced from Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group.

Nonetheless and as precautionary measure, the FDA is monitoring the presence in the market of the identified and affected infant formula product and is now coordinating with Bureau of Customs to ensure that the said infant formula will not be allowed entry into the country. Also, the assistance of the Local Government Units are called upon in reporting individuals, outlets or establishments found selling the identified infant formula product. Furthermore, the public is strictly advised to be vigilant and report immediately to the Food and Drug Administration at these numbers (02)807-5606, should the Yili baby formula (Quan You baby formula) be seen or found in possession of any individual.

Signed by :
Nicolas B Lutero, III Esq., Ceso III
Assistant Secretary, Department of Health
Officer-In-Charge, FDA


According to EPA a Reference Dose, RfD, of 0.1 µg/kg body weight/day exposure have no recognized adverse effects. This limit is considerably low. It is bothersome considering the consumers of the said formula are infants who are yet to develop their immune system.

Authorities assured that the said milk has not entered the local market yet and will not be allowed to.  No milk of any kind has been imported from China since the 2008 melamine incident.

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