Induction Stove vs The Imitation

Whenever there is a new popular invention, an imitation always comes in the front offering for lower cost and attempting to steal sales. More often than not, sellers are trying to fool customers.

Induction type stove is gaining popularity. The promise of lower energy consumption, faster cooking time and safety. One of its distinguishing feature is its mode of operation. The stove is activated only when a compatible cookware is on top, cast iron or stainless steel. Anyone can touch the cooktop safely without the possibility of burns. The heat transfer is thru direct contact, from heating element to cookware and to contents. There is minimal heat loss. Heat is turned off immediately after cookware removal.

induction stoveHere comes the imitation!

Anyone cannot easily differentiate the two from afar. They are both enclosed in a dark shiny material and both spill proof. However, the other one is not touch proof. A no touch logo is legibly drawn on center top of heating element. A red glowing metal is barely visible when the promodizer removed the boiling water. He intentionally spilled water and it boiled immediately on contact. It seemed telling me that my hand will be burnt on contact as well.

similar but non induction stoveThe promo staff emphasized. Their stove never need any special type of cookware, any will do. Someone asked questions and he replied, what the watcher wants are features of induction stove.

Maybe they are not trying to imitate.


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