How to Prevent Spoilage of Cooked Rice Leftover (Bahaw)

The very effective way to prevent spoilage of cooked rice is to cook just enough for a meal. Just cooked enough for dinner so there is no leftover to spoil. The leftover rice are prone to spoilage by yeast and molds, panis na kanin.

Bahaw stays good for the next meal, a cooked rice for breakfast is 80% good for lunch but discarded at dinner time. Some rice varieties spoils faster than others. We are experiencing a cooked rice for breakfast that cannot be eaten at lunchtime because it was already spoiled. On the other hand some varieties are still good to eat the next morning.

Rice spoilage may depending on rice variety, moisture content of cooked rice and room temperature. We cannot prevent having a leftover rice but its spoilage can be. Just place the cold rice leftover inside refrigerator, not in freezer section. The rice will get cold and tougher but this can be remedied by adding a small amount of water and heating it over a low fire before serving.

A lazy way to reheat rice leftover is to place it on top of newly cooked rice.

leftover rice

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  1. Nice article, very informative. Every Filipino household has cooked rice leftover or bahaw. Mahilig sa bahay. Just an added uncolicited advice or info, bahaw na kanin, lalo na sa gabi kung marami, pwedeng durugin bago ipasok sa ref. Pag sinangag kinabukasan maganda at buhaghag at madaling haluin (specially for chaofan)…you can try it… Also you can add minced carrots and minced kangkong leaves..hehehe

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