Are You Swallowing Santol Seeds?

Santol season is ongoing. I often see several santol fruits, bangkok variety, on table. It come and go but I have never tasted even one this season. All of them are being enjoyed by our two year old boy.

santol fruit bangkokI love eating santol fruit. As sign of man’s strength, the fruit is broken to halves by mere squeezing in between two palms. Weaker fellows need to make a narrow scar on middle, then break using two palms and two knees. I humbly belong to weaker fellows.

Seeds are suck one by one to get the sweet juice and pulp wrapped around it. Spit out after few seconds. Hard thick peels are also thrown away. However, some fruits are irresistibly sweet. Full enjoyment can be felt only after swallowing the seeds. I also feel irritated having to throw it away. Some are swallowing the seeds for enjoyment and others are doing it just to show off. Still swallowing even if the elders told us not to do so.

That was before. I never did it again ever since I experienced the bad consequences.

Santol seeds should not be swallowed. The large santol variety has relatively large seeds that may clogged throat, resulting to breathing difficulty and worse. The native varieties have smaller seeds. Throat clogging is less likely. However, seeds, whether big or small may block the human anus resulting to difficulty in bowel movement. I experienced both.

We keep an eye on him while eating santol. We make sure that he only bite the pulp little by little and not put the whole seed in his mouth.


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  • Hello, again.

    My brother’s brother in law, died because he swallowed the seeds, causing punctures in the large intestines. It caused infection and doctors were not able to save him because it was too late. This happened in 2010.

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