Carbonated Water Side Effects

fizzy / soda / seltzer / carbonated water

Why do we love sodas? Because it bubbles and its not luscious enough to drink it when bubbling ceases. The bubbles seems carry the flavors, it loss gradually as the bubbling progress.

In simple explanation. Carbonated water is made by forcing carbon dioxide in water and sealing it immediately. It can be called as fizzy / soda / seltzer or carbonated water. Effect of fizzy water can be minimal but using it for soda beverages is another story.

Before enjoying lots of soda beverages, read the possible effects and think:

1. Sodas have phosphates that contribute to calcium loss. It weakens teeth and bone structure and may be a major factor in osteoporosis development. It may also strips stomach linings.

2. In pure form, it may help in digestion and calming of nerves but its not scientifically proven. It should be consumed in moderation likeĀ  alcohols.

3. When consuming soda or carbonated water, you are also consuming the bubbles. This contributes to a bloated feeling and might impair regular eating habits. We often eat less fruits and vegetables in exchange for sodas.

4. It has an antibacterial effect. But this should not be taken as medication.

5. Carbonated water increases alcohol absorption in our body system. Alcohol should be excreted rapidly because liver read it as poisonous substance.

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