Chesto Cola: It Has Side Effects Due To Magic Sugar / Sodium Cyclamate

The officials of Manila Health Department did an inspection at the vicinity of Sto. Cristo, Divisoria. The inspection was done cause they discovered the cheap Chesto Cola was contaminated with magic sugar. They wanted to confirm if the product is still in active trade.magic word

Chesto cola is a juice drink sold for only one peso per piece. It might be popular in sari-sari store and school premises cause of its very affordable price. However, the  magic sugar it contain might cause certain types of cancer, liver and kidney failure and affects human reproductive systems.

The juice brand was positive under Sodium Cyclamate test conducted by Bureau of Food and Drugs. It is the main component of magic sugar.

The health department also found other suspicious juice drinks. Products with no labels and unknown origin. They gathered samples for FDA testing.

They warn the public not to buy any food products without labels. Those products might cause health problems. [gma 24 oras]

According to wikipedia, magic sugar or sodium cyclamate is an artificial sweetener. It is 30–50 times sweeter than sugar (depending on concentration; it is not a linear relationship), making it the least potent of the commercially used artificial sweeteners. Some people find it to have an unpleasant aftertaste, but, in general, less so than saccharin or acesulfame potassium. It is often used synergistically with other artificial sweeteners, especially saccharin; the mixture of 10 parts cyclamate to 1 part saccharin is common and masks the off-tastes of both sweeteners. It is less expensive than most sweeteners, including sucralose, and is stable under heating.

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