Sources of Lead Contamination

There was a recent incident in Vietnam where Ministry of Health imposed a 12 million fine against Filipino owned Universal Robina Corp. The reason. Specific batches of brand C2 and Rong-Do beverages were found to exceed allowable lead content limit.

It made me worried. My business is still micro in scale. It is not likely that I would be penalized with such a big fine. However, my little beloved hobby will be shut for good. I should take measures immediately. In addition, peoples’ lives are at stake here.

I did some homework and it seems the number one offender is the lead base paint. Even if lead paint were out of the market a long time ago, old houses and infrastructures are likely painted with it. Imagine it chipping and falling into foods.

Gasoline. Years ago, I heard about the lead-free gasoline craze. I bet, all vehicle fuels are lead free nowadays. Sure problem if not.

Solder. Copper and brass pipes soldered with lead. It may leach to water and cause food contamination.

The soil itself. It is a naturally occurring metal in earth’s crust. Harvested leafy vegetables and root crops may have lead. We may also bring in contaminant from soil through our slippers and shoes. That is one of the reason we should change footwear before entry in manufacturing premises.

The following activities are also potential source. Bullet reloading, automotive repair, electronic repair and glass staining. If you are still in planning stage, keep in mind to keep away from those. If someone put a mentioned activity beside yours, do petition or just move away.

In essence, all tools, equipment, premises, water source, raw material and packaging should all be lead-free. Take away all suspicious and necessary thing. Then implement a strict procedure for preventing entry.

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