Is It A Bad Tokwa?

How to tell if your stored tokwa is bad already? Well, it is very easy and never require advanced science. If it looks different from the time when you bought it, then perhaps it is spoiled. If it smells bad, feels bad and looks bad, then it is time to discard it and buy a fresh stock. Sense of taste is a very good way of telling whether it is bad or good but it shouldn’t be the first option. Spoiled goods come with the danger of food poisoning.

This tofu has been stored below freezer compartment for almost three weeks. It has evidence of discoloration and mold growth if I was not mistaken. There was a very faint off odor when sniffed. The disagreeable smell was gone after slicing off the outer tofu layer.

perhaps a spoiled tofuWould you dare cook and eat it?  It is tricky! There might be more than your eyes could see, more than your noses could smell and more than your tongue can taste. The usual answer is “no” but we are doing the yes more often. Removing the green part of potato and cooking the rest. Eating one side of a ripe mango and throwing the other part cause it is bad. Trimming the cracked part of dragon fruit before eating.

My decision was NO, her’s was YES. She cooked and we ate it.


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