Island Sun Semolina Recall, Rodents Problem in Factory

Rodents / rats should not be permitted inside food factories. All actions must be taken to keep them away from food premises. They are notorious eaters and may contaminate food ingredients and finish products. If rodents invasion is observed, all food commodities and facilities should be inspected immediately for possible contamination.sun semolina product recall

Rodents are the carrier of well-known disease called leptospirosis.

Surya Foods has recalled Island Sun Semolina because of a rodent problem at the factory. The Agency has issued a Product Information Recall Notice advising consumers not to eat the product.

The product being recalled is:

* Product: Island Sun Semolina
* Pack size: 500g
* Best before: All date codes

The company is recalling all the affected semolina from consumers as a precautionary measure. Product recall notices are being displayed in stores that sell the product, explaining why it has been recalled. If you have bought the affected product you can return it to the store for a refund.

No other Surya Foods products are known to be affected.

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