label with tbhq

What I was not surprised. There was unfamiliar term on last of ingredient list. Judging from where it was placed, it is the item of least amount. Perhaps dangerous, not proven safe, not proven harmful either.

There is no end to this. When one preservative is proven harmful. Scientists always come up with a questionable replacement. I am guessing the absolute priority is extend the food keeping life. The safety can come decades later. Cost of research should be recouped second. Then another … the cycle continues.

Oh I remember now. When I was in college, taking up my course. What was installed to my brain was to preserved the food of concern at all cause. Prevent the spoilage of perishables. Make the awful delicious. Not useful, more useful. Turn rejects and soon to be garbage to valuables. Maybe that is it. Food innovation and health are two separate things.

The questionable ingredient is TBHQ. Nowadays, it is so easy to know what it is as long as you have the two things. Android device and internet access. TBHQ is acronym for tertiary Butylhydroquinone. A bit harder to pronounce but its function is so simple. Preserve the oil in food. Goods naturally containing oil, added with or fried in it may contain TBHQ. It is an antioxidant, prevent rancidity. It is thanks to this chemical our favorite snacks reach our hand in perfect eating condition.

label with tbhq

The limit is 0.02 percent of the oil in food. USFDA set such thing not because it is dangerous beyond that. The reason is, it is not proven safe beyond the amount.


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