The Shock and Vibration Resistant LED Bulb

made of polycarbonate plastic

A fragile lighting fixture above food under process is a hazard. It is an accident waiting to happen. Breakage might cause contamination to food with sharp glass fragments, electronic parts and poisonous LED solder. Due to this reason, regulatory bodies require lighting devices which could resist breakage.

So my hunt started.

First: Unbreakable Polycarbonate Bulb.

Second: The Cheap But Break Resistant LED Bulb.

This is the third installment.

The hardware store staff showed it to me before. They have LED bulbs that are shock resistant and almost close to unbreakable. Tapping the bulb enclosure against hard surface. No breakage happening and so I was not convinced. He was afraid of two things, breaking the bulb cover and damaging the internal electronics.

In addition, he opened an old stock led bulb made of glass enclosure. It was thrice as heavy and looked fragile. I am thinking their shift to lighter and more durable material is more of economy than safety. Glass is costly and takes so much energy to produce.

Today, I see the same brand confirming what their bulb enclosure is made of. They have a pack of four promo. Four individually packaged bulb is wrapped together with another labelled carton. It is clearly stated “enclosed in polycarbonate plastic”.

made of polycarbonate plastic

I grabbed one just for confirmation. Then, I found the following after careful inspection.

A dot size embossed in middle as sign of plastic injection molding. It is really made of plastic. Its brittle sound when knocked is subjective of polycarbonate nature.

I have the same brand in use at home. Same size, same wattage. It seemed they were built from the same material but latest appeared to have thicker shell.

I hardly knocked it against wood several times with no damage. I never did a drop test though. It might damage the electrical system including the aluminum base.

Unlike the cheap led bulb from public market, this is completely closed and sealed. Forcing it open may render it unusable.

In Omni web homepage, a video showing the advantages of LED bulb is playing in loop. One of them is durability. Animation showed it resisted a steel hammer strike.

update as of October 30, 2016

It broke. See “The Unbreakable Polycarbonate Bulb Broke“.


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