Examine This Water Vending Machine

I am not against this water vending machine. What I never like is the manner of implementation.

water venting machine

No protection against dust, dirt and other contaminants. At least, it should be enclosed with clear glass or acrylic. Window operable only when appropriate amount is dropped in coin slot. Then closed the rest of time.

The vending machine itself is fine if placed inside a well maintained convenience store, fast food or restaurant. But, this one is in the middle of jeepney terminal, beside busy road. Imagine the accumulation of smoke and dirt getting into it.

The water spout is stainless steel. However, it is not the type intended for food use. I am pretty sure it is a portion of window curtain rail.

Trash bag is right beside it. It is hung on refilled bottle storage. It never look right, it doesn’t feel right.

water and trash bag

A more hygienic implementation of water vending machine ca be seen here, “The Purified Water And Coffee Vendo Machines“.

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