Tikong Fish

Yet another news of fish poisoning. From GMA 7 Unang Balita. Two siblings died in Camarines Sur after eating lunch including tikong fish menu. The said fish culprit was made into adobo. The other two kids survived and recuperated in hospital.

The fish ban has long been imposed by authorities. However, fishermen are still catching it. Safe edible fishes are becoming scarce while tikong population is still big.

The fish ban has been imposed since 2005. It was mentioned in this post “Do Not Eat The Toxic Biya Fish“.

It is poisonous. No one wants them. That is why they are still abundant. That is my own opinion!

What is Tikong?

According to Binisaya.com, tikong is translated as blowfish, puffer, pufferfish or sea squab. It is a delicacy that is highly dangerous because of a potent nerve poison in ovaries and liver.

So the poison is confined in two organs. It is possible to eat them safely if those are removed.

Known as fugu in Japan and it is a highly prized delicacy. It is edible but poisonous. A double edge sword. Satisfy your hunger first then send you to grave if handled improperly. Food regulatory bodies such as FDA, DOH and Municipal health office won’t allow such even if there are ways to prepare it properly.

According to inquirer.net. Badjaos of Mindanao are known to eat tikong. They are expert in removing poison. Perhaps Japanese are expert on it too.

Toxin is the fish defense mechanism. They secrete poison upon caught. The fish is the second most poisonous vertebrate after the golden poison frog.

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