Sinaing na Tulingan (Fish) Causing Mouth Itchiness

My usual favorite. The sinaing na tulingan. It was the same recipe as before except the fish used was relatively bigger. Cutting it to smaller slices was necessary, for a more efficient cooking and flavor development.

I thought the only difference was the fish size. It tasted the same. The same taste sensation every bite. However, my mouth was getting itchy as my dinner progressed. I wanted to get another serving but the uncomfortable feeling was holding me back. My dinner ended prematurely.

It was not only me. Mother-in law felt the same way too. My wife took only a bit and denied eating such.  She cooked another menu, hotdog, for her and for our two-year old boy.

The next day, she fried the tulingan, the pritong sinaing na tulingan. The itchiness intensity was reduced by almost 75% percent. Still, we never managed consuming it.

pritong sinaing na tulingan

According to her. The large tulingan was bought from public market. Frozen fish sold for a low cost. Many customers bought and she got carried. In short, she prioritized the cost over quality.

I was thankful it never caused any untoward incidents.


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