Neonicotinoid Ban To Help Honeybee Industry

Not later than July first of this year 2013, the whole European continent may ban the use of neonicotinoid containing pesticides.

To date, it is the most popular class of pesticides. Even non lethal doses are able to adversely affect bee navigation system resulting  to stress and increase chances of conceiving disease.  The colony collapse disorder pestering North America and Europe is pointing to the said substance.

I never have a list of pesticides containing neonicotinoids but to give you a hint, any of the following substances included in the ingredient listing means the pesticide contains the bee-harming chemical:

1) thiamethoxam
2) thiacloprid
3) clothianidin
4) dinotedfuran
5) acetamiprid
7) imidacloprid

Pesticide application is one of the worst bee enemy. Please stop using neonicotinoids containing pesticides or just limit it to plants not loved by bees. Let the bees continue their work,  pollinate our crops and give us sweet honey.

bee on a wild sun flower

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