A US Ban on Magic Sarap?

I am not a fan of this product. I have a self imposed ban on it.

A trending post said it will be banned in US. However, I can’t see evidence of its future ban in US, Philippines or any other countries.

A Facebook user named Klimmy Gaviola posted on Facebook:

Reports that this product will be banned in the United Sates due to cardiovascular health problems and other related diseases as a result of the ingredients in Magic Sarap. I threw half of my drawer full of magic sarap packets which I brought home every year from the Philippines as a precaution – with Lizzy Flores Enriquez-Potts and 11 others.

I think this created quite a scare resulting to customer avoiding the product use and company decrease sale. Who want to use a banned product especially if it is linked to health problems.

According to cyberwarzone.com, the Facebook post was a sort of scam. Clicking it will bring you to a website with malicious advertisements. The website was banned.

I never had a chance to verify. I only read it. Never shared and clicked to learn more.

I am not sure, but, if I am the manufacturer, I won’t let the issue proliferate without a fight.

It make sense. If you care on your health and health of relatives and friends, the natural things to do is share it and perhaps click to learn more information. Then a spammy site pops in intalling viruses to your gadget.

This trick is the same as posting porn picture or video scandal to direct a Facebook user to a certain website. Users are already aware of this spam so website owners are reinventing the strategy.

Digging the post deeper. If Magic Sarap has an ingredient (which was not mentioned) confirmed to cause health problems. The ban should have been imposed on that “ingredient” first. Then products containing it will follow. There is going to be a time lag in between two action as the effect is not immediate death.  Enough time for ingredient replacement avoiding possible ban.

Still worried? I have been hearing rumors of fake Magic Sarap lately. It is sure dangerous and should be avoided. It might be true considering the chain of fake food scandals.


Please follow this link to read Maggi’s stand about this issue.

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