Spring Water in a Hot and Cold Water Dispenser – Flavor Changes

I am bringing our very own drinking water to office every week. A five gallon mineral water bottle for the hot and cold water dispenser. I like it better than commercially available distilled drinking water. Its natural spring water taste is awesome and  simply incomparable.  The water safety is assured. Our whole barrio including the neighboring barangays has been getting drinking water from source for years with no known health issues.

five gallon water on a dispenserAnother observation that may prove PET Bottle components migrates to water. Afternoon sunlight was reaching the water gallon that was making the water bad after a week. It was a natural spring water, it had natural algae flora that multiply upon sunlight exposure – resulting to unpleasant taste. We moved the water dispenser to a place where it cannot reached by sunlight. However, a changed in water flavor was still observed after a week.

The next suspect is the PET water bottle. Perhaps  some of its components were migrating to water making it not suitable for repeated use. On the second thought it was  made to withstand rough handling and repeated use.


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