Are You Eating Wax? | Some Foods With Wax

Is wax edible? Yes it is edible but not digestible. No mechanism and chemical reaction inside human body can degrade it. It will come out with intact chemical properties.

Note: People sensitive to aspirin might also be sensitive to  paraffin waxes.  Little consumption is harmless but to much is… as denoted by too much of anything is dangerous. All wax are flammable when overheated. The reason why it can be used in candle making.

shining candleAre you eating wax? Yes! Wax is use for making candles, polishes and also has vast application in food industry.

1) The wax paper. It is used as siopao lining to prevent sticking to aluminum steamer. A portion is transferred to food during heating process. In some cases, the wax paper is accidentally eaten. The same goes for other bakery products such as candies.

2) The candle on cake. A candle when lit will shed tears. The tears drop on cake. Then gatherers eat the cake. However, the occasion is rare and the amount of wax drop is minimal.

3) The beeswax. Like eating honey on honeycomb? If so, you are also eating the beeswax accidentally.

4) Paraffin wax is used in chocolate making, giving it a beautiful shiny finish and maintaining a solid appearance at room temperature. Perhaps all chocolates to date are paraffin flavored.

5) For old method of sealing jar, jars with two-piece cap, the ring and lid. After filling in the food, the melted food grade wax is poured in head space provided, then sealed immediately.

6) Waxed fruits and vegetables. Applying wax on surface is a popular preservation method. It makes the transpiration rate significantly slower.

7) The wax coated noodles. I read about the proper way to cook instant noodles. The water used for boiling should be discarded and replaced with a separately boiled water. The reason – noodles are allegedly coated with wax to retard rancidity.

8) The wax paper cup. During a symposium, the organizer instructed to use wax paper cups for serving coffee. Many people had coffee in a wax paper.  Many noticed the strange floating substance on top, apparently a melted wax. The cups were replaced by Styrofoam by afternoon.


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