Bad Smell From Yakult Bottle

While drinking Yakult, I smelled a disagreeable plastic odor. It was very faint that I never recognized immediately where it was coming from. I placed my nose near the plastic bottle several times to verify. Yeah, confirmed. It was little but I was sure it is from the bottle.

Oh! This odor is familiar. About fifteen minutes passed before the thing became clear. The lollipop stick. I love it when I was young. I love it that I was chewing it down to little hollow tube. Disagreeable plastic odor was emanating from the cracked stick.

empty yakult bottle

Then, I tried crumpling the Yakult bottle. As expected, the faint odor became stronger.

Now here is my question. Is Yakult bottle food safe? The company sure wouldn’t use it if not. On the side, the blue water pipe is bad smelling when scored, yet still considered safe and widely use.

I have previous post asking “Yakult Packaging Material is Polystyrene?” I even concluded that it is safe for the intended use. After yesterday, I am beginning to question my own conclusion. Something bad is going on if there is a nasty smell.

Alex Fergus of confirmed that the unique shaped plastic bottles where made from triple food grade polystyrene pellets. Formed by injection molding machines. Pellets are melted and injected under pressure onto core rods.

His information stated came from official Yakult website. I couldn’t find it though. Too bad. I was lazy!

Polystyrene is listed in as bad plastic. The materials use in production are known human carcinogens. Benzene, butadiene and styrene.

It is not right to make general conclusion base on circulating words. Polycarbonate plastic, for example, became victim of this. Recycled plastics with polycarbonate are not food safe. While the pure form is safe. However, the public already generalized all types as bad.

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