Broiler Chicken, Easy to Eat, Sagad to the Bones

The family budget was scarce  but we had chicken on dining table. When the budget was enough, we often had dried fish like law law, daing and sap sap. Do you think our situation was odd?

Father used to have a chicken farm, free range native chicken. Those were not meant for sale, they were food buffer. Some chickens were slaughtered whenever the pocket was empty.

Free range native chickens are easy to raise. Little farm inputs needed. They search for their own food. Resistant to diseases. Should be feed every morning and late afternoon. Feeding is done so the chicken will come back home. Grated coconut and corn will do.

Native chickens are delectable. A tinola recipe with raw papaya, ginger and a little salt is one of my favorite. Popular ready cooking mixes are not necessary. Perhaps adding one will spoil its natural flavor. Old hens and roosters have better flavor but eating the bone, wings, neck, feet and ribs is hard. The mentioned parts contain ligaments, tendons and little meat. Two bones connected together are very hard to separate. Bones are very hard. Tendons and ligaments are tough.

Eating broiler chicken is a different experience. The ligaments and tendons are so weak. Bones are soft. Tigh and leg bones can be cracked easily in between teeth. I can eat every last bit of wings, neck and ribs including small bones. Broiler chickens are really enjoyable to eat, especially when prepared by popular fast foods and restaurants. Sagad to the bones.

Native chicken have superior flavor while broiler types’ are inferior. Through cooking techniques and addition of ingredients, it can be as flavorful as native. I am wondering how many chemicals are added to do it. The 35 days broiler chickens are power packed with commercial feeds, medicines and hormones. Then food processor are adding a handful of chemicals before serving.

broiler chicken bones


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