Eating Sambong Shoots | to cure severe cough…

I got this single, a bit withered sambong shoots from mom’s table. She said, she is regularly getting sambong leaves, boiling it in water and adding it in her bath water.

sambong shoot

Someone posted a comment. I couldn’t clearly remember the details. It was about the sambong shoots. The fresh and uncooked shoots can be eaten. I got this one for a try.

I immediately tore one leaf and chewed it. Ouch! It tasted really awful, the unexplainable pungent taste and smell. It brought back the memories of our childhood. Everytime our fever was getting nearly cured, a strong sambong decoction was a must as bath water. The smell was so unpleasant. The worse scenario, she was forcing as to drink about two glasses of stronger tea.

I searched for the specific comment. I found out, I did not follow the full instructions. Too bad, I dumped the shoot already. Better luck next time!



sambong tops: from the top up to the soft part of the stem ends. cut it from there, remove the leaves leaving behind the soft stem, carefully remove the skin of the stem, strip the skin from the base going up to the tip. eat it raw. it has a nice taste and aroma. cooking destroys the medicinal properties. it is best when eaten raw. eat right after picking. it is what I am always doing when I have severe cough. I usually eat 3 times a day. 3 stems per eating time.

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