Sambong Tea

This is a sambong tea from Ida. Sambong leaves can cure fever. When we were a child we used to get wild sambong leaves. Boiled and mixed with bath water.  Some of the solution was set aside to drink. After sambong treatment, my fever was cured. A very effective natural treatment. It also relieves cough.


Golden Spoon  herbal tea health drink is a product of Seamaxx Enterprises. It is traditionally considered to cure kidney and gall bladder stones and dismenoria. It is also use for internal body cleansing.  Made of dried sambong leaves ( Blumea Balsamifera )

To prepare. Put one teabag into a cup . Put fresh boiling water and leave for 1 to 2 minutes. Or boil one teabag in  2-3 minutes. Add sugar or lemon juice if desired. Recommended dosage is 3 times a day.

The taste is awful in plain infusion . Addition of sugar and lemon gave a more desirable taste but you can still perceive the bitter after taste.

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