Sardines Are Good Source of Omega-3 Fatty Acid

Sardine or Tuna? Which one would you choose? Anyone gonna choose tuna in an instant! Tuna has more presentable look, less messy to eat, no strong embarrassing aroma after eating, seldom causes clothe stains due to accidental spill. never leave red color stain on teeth and more delectable. However, tuna is more expensive than sardine.

Sardines are use to be the poor man’s viand but it has been superseded by cheaper and easy to prepare instant noodles. Both noodles or sardines with rice is enough for a simple family.

Whenever we talk about sardine, the first thing that come to our mind is the fish with no tail and head packed in a small piece of can. It is related to popular riddle, “Ang tangang isda, pumasok sa lata (a stupid fish jumped inside the can)”. To correct the wrong belief, sardine is not a product name and does not necessarily refers to fish in can. Sardine is a group of several small and oily species related to herrings. There a 21 species that can be classified as sardines according to regulation of World Health Organization and Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO & WHO).

Sardine is not popular fish in public markets. Once in a while I am hearing fish vendors shouting, “Bili na kayong sardinas! (please buy sardines)”. The vendor is not selling canned sardines but the fresh sardine fish. The vendor is telling the customers that it is good as sinigang (vinegar stew). I have not tried it yet.

two cans of mega sardines

The good thing about sardine and tuna is they are both good sources of omega-3 fatty acid. The substance has a good reputation because it is good for the heart. Both are healthy foods to eat but sardine can be healthier. Sardines are small and have relatively short life. This means that the chance of accumulating methylmercury is lesser than tuna with a long lifespan. The risk of getting hazardous methylmercury from tuna is high.

Click and jump to read the article about tuna and mercury accumulation.

You can look for a fresh sardine fish in nearest public market if you are health conscious and never want to eat canned foods.

I repeat, Sardines or Tuna?

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  1. sardines are indeed healthy and very savory, it is great grilled, fried or cooked as paksiw with eggplant, ampalaya or okra. I seldom find this fish here in manila unlike in capiz.

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