Looking For Health Benefits of Siniguelas

The tree with a similarity to kalachuchi, stout trunk and branches. It looses all its leaves during fruiting season. Attractive fruits are attached to fat branches. Very sour when rare ripe and sweet when fully ripe. Eaten by swallowing the whole fruit. Biting then sucking. I tried breaking the seeds by teeth but I failed.

siniguelas spanish plum

Elders said that rare ripe fruit when eaten in excess on empty stomach will result to to stomach ache. Not proven for me!

I have been looking for its health benefits. Here are some results of my browsing [bpi]. I hope you can add more!

1) The fruit is use for dysentery, according to Father Blanco
2) Guerrrero tells the bark decoction is an efficacious antidysenteric and use for infantile tympanites.
3) Applying the bark sap to mouth can cure stomatitis / dapulak.
4) Fruit decoction is cure for dysentery, gonorrhea and leucorrhoea.

Warning: Seeds are reported to be poisonous. thank God to its hardness! Teeth won’t break it.


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