Measuring Soft Drinks Sugar Content /// Again!

Are you still interested in measuring soft drink sugar content and visualize it into tablespoons? I started a post about these on year 2010 but unable to continue due to unavailability of refractometer – a simple hand-held instrument use to measure sugar content. The instrument is within my reach again and I am thinking if I am going to continue my halted activity.

atago hand-held refractometerBefore, I did a refractometer measurement of Cobra Energy Drink and other popular soft drinks. After a quick conversion (for the Cobra only), I arrived at sugar content of 43.2 grams or 3 1/2 tablespoon. However, the bottle label was telling the otherwise. The total carbohydrate it contain was 39 grams. A 4.2 grams difference. Note that this reading was made on year 2010.

cobra energy drink greenI did a sugar reading again using refractometer (year 2013). I got 18 degree Brix or roughly 18%. Then, 240 ml multiplied by 18% was equal to 43.2. The same reading as above.

Were my very own readings more precise and accurate? I think I need more research about refractometer, degree brix and soluble solids.

I think it is still worth the effort… I am going to do measurement as popular beverages cross my hand.

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