Soft Drinks and Energy Drinks Might Cause Ulcer and Hyperacidity

Last Wednesday, 2 pm, sister-in-law suddenly called me. My youngest brother was shouting in pain. His stomach was in severe pain. He could still walk but cannot stand straight.  He was asking us to take him to hospital immediately cause he cannot stand the thumbs down

I hurriedly grabbed the key and started my owner-type-jeep. Brother rode and we were about to go when he said the pain ceased. The pain was really gone. Thanked God! Our trip to hospital was aborted.

We asked him what he did before he felt the stomach ache. He said he ate before the incidence, nothing else.

The same day, almost 12 midnight. Mother called me. My youngest brother was shouting in pain again. His stomach ache went back. We rushed him to nearby hospital.

We told the doctor his eating habits. He is a picky eater. Never eat fruits and vegetables. Only eat one cup of rice and meat per meal. He skip meal often especially when he never like the viand or busy on computer games. He drinks three or more solo soft drinks / energy drinks a day. He often drink it  with empty stomach. He barely drinks pure water.

After rough diagnosis and few questions, the doctor administered an injectible medicine. I never know what was it. The he told us the pain should start to cease after a maximum of two hours if the case is hyperacidity or  ulcer, it needs further investigation otherwise.

The pain became lesser after 30 minutes. The doctor prescribed several medicines. Brother was advised not to consume any colored liquid, water only. Softdrinks and energy drinks are strictly prohibited.

No attack of stomach ache after few days of soft drinks / energy drink abstinence and drinking plenty of water.

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