A Life Without Sofdrinks and Energy Drinks

My toe is still in pain but not as painful as week ago. I am now walking fast and enduring the very slight pain.

Perhaps I have a gouty arthritis. The symptoms are quite similar. It already happened several times. It always strike on my left big toe. A sudden onset – I usually woke up with the feeling of intense pain and can barely walk. It happened after drinking softdinks and energy drinks  on a daily basis and eating pork meat often.

Do drinking sofdrinks causes gouty arthritis? Yes it does. The beverage usually have fructose, the only sugar known to raise level of uric acid. It was proven by series of studies in America and Canada, the habit of drinking softdrinks increase  occurrence of gout in men. It also includes other beverages with fructose.

Why do I still drink those?

I am a very sleepy guy. I go to bed late at night, about 11 to 12 midnight but wake up 7 to 8 in the morning. The seven to nine hours sleep should be enough  but still need to sleep  3 to 4 hours at day time. I had a hard time attending my classes during elementary to college levels. I usually fell asleep in class  and had a nap every break.  When I was still employed, I usually hide somewhere to take a nap. softdrink can top

Taking a sleep very often should not be my habit. So much time is wasted. Drinking softdinks and energy drinks became my option to stay awake. I was drinking  a softdrink and an energy drink everyday. I know that too much of it is not good for the health so I reduced my intake to once daily – softdrink only or energy drink only.

I totally stopped intake when I felt a toe pain for several days. I also stopped eating pork meat and drinking coffee and other artificial beverages. The pain gone away eventually.

I guessed my discipline was not enough. I started drinking softdrinks and energy drinks again. I am really more productive when having one. I can write three 300 words article straight, produce tabliya chocolates, do some researches, take care of our toddler and still have time for computer games.

Now I need to refrain from drinking artificial beverages forever. Being a sleepy guy is better than having a painful toe.

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