Gurgling Vinegar to Relieve Sore Throat

Weather condition these fast few days. The cold season seems ending. Sun’s ray is getting furious. I can barely stand few hours working under the sun. Staying in shade seems better. Daytime was hot but nighttime was cold. Thanks to gentle wind breeze.

Our house condition these fast few days. Dirty! Very dirty. Balustre on balcony and stairs were constructed – metal balustre made of GI pipe. The workers was roaming forth & back and up & down. Metal and welding rod dusts were everywhere. Exhibition of fireworks display for three days and the nasty sound of metal grinder.

My current condition. Still alive and kicking sir! However, I am experiencing headache, runny nose, sleepy eyes and sore throat. I have a colds, probably. I believe that changing weather and dusty environment are causing my illness.

Mom advised me to gurgle some vinegar. Thanks to her! I suddenly remembered that vinegar is good for relieving sore throat and I proved it to myself several times.

Measure a tablespoonful of vinegar. Get natural vinegar if possible. Take the vinegar and gurgle. Never swallow. Please bear with the intense sour taste. Take just a teaspoonful if a tablespoon is too much. Relief will come after few minutes. Repeat gurgling as necessary.

My former boss and her family are also using vinegar for sore throat relief. The curing effect has be used by Arengga Vinegar as one of their marketing strategy.

How about other colds symptoms? Hmmm… not sure. Go for the other effective alternative. Get plenty of sleep and drink a lot of water.

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