Make Your Eyesight Sharp by Eating Spinach

The tough battle is going on between Popeye and Brutus. Brutus is a big guy and he can pound any opponent easily. The fight have last for hours and Popeye is getting weaker and weaker. It is obvious that he cannot cope with Brutus strength. Then Popeye got loss of strength and his opponent is about to throw him off to deep sea. But before it happened, Olive gave him a can of Spinach. Popeye ate the spinach and he became incredibly strong  with bulging biceps. The situation is now reversed, Brutus was thrown to sea instead. spinach plant

Eating Spinach while watching the Popeye animation can be encouraging, especially for young children.

Well, spinach can really make one strong, it is power packed with vitamins and minerals, but not as strong as Popeye and Superman or whoever superhero. In addition, it can also give you a very good eyesight. Taking food supplement to improve vision is not necessary when eating this vegetable. Never expect an eyesight as sharp as Superman though.

image courtesy of Victor M. Vicente Selvas

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