Sterilized Milk and X-Ray Results

I asked her to buy me a can of sterilized milk, the popular Bear Brand Sterilized. I drank it just before x-ray examination.

bear brand sterilizedIt is a common belief that drinking sterilized milk would give a favorable x-ray image. Stores near medical laboratories often have plenty of milk stocks. It is a hit among people getting medical test.

Is it true? Not quite sure! Following the sterilized milk tradition would not do any harm. Milk is good for us. It is a complete protein source. We should be drinking it regularly. In case true, it will cover any undiscovered disease which may require immediate treatment – this case is bad.

From the first day of high school, to college up to professional work. I have been drinking sterilized milk before every x-ray test. I failed only once. That time, a slight scoliosis was detected – the side ward bending or misalignment of vertebral column. I drank milk again the next test and no abnormality was found.

It can’t clearly remember If we were required to have such test during high school to college days.

My friend had a tuberculosis. We were both hired in the same company and had medical examination. We both drank sterilized milk before x-ray. My test result was normal but his was not. The scar made by his previous illness appeared. He then secured a certification from his previous doctor proving that his disease was cured long time ago.

Do sterilized milk really affect x-ray results?

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