Sting Energy Drink – Is it Effective?

I was really fascinated by these Sting Energy Drink commercials. A low battery car and broken conveyor belt was fixed instantly by a man after drinking the energy drink.

How to energize low battery car.

How to run the conveyor belt

Before, energy drink cost 35 pesos and up. Now, I can have energy drink for only ten pesos. The price is so affordable but how about the effect. Is it effective?


During a busy night. I was able to stay awake until 4 am. You gonna regret it if you drink it just before going to bed. My head gets achy by drinking Sting and doing nothing.

My friend work in a graveyard shift. But he can still play billiards and mahjong from morning till the next shift by drinking Sting. He eats his regular meals of course.

My uncle is an automotive mechanic. He frequently feels sleepy during work. Sting keeps him awake.

I don’t wanna talk about its taste. Its too sweet and I hate it.

A piece of advice, pushing your body beyond limits is not a good habit.

28 Replies to “Sting Energy Drink – Is it Effective?”

    1. no because it stimulates your central nervous system (brain) regular stimulation by it proves dangerous and it my causes heart problems ,b.p problems and many other problems

  1. Can anyone tell me where I can get Sting powdered drink. I prefer the powdered one and not the bottled one because the powdered one does not contain sugar. The bottled one has sugar as I understand. This is my email address –

  2. I never gave thought to Sting as I liked only RED BULL Austria.I tried sting & liked so much as it keeps me alert & price wise economical.Red Bull is too costly and doing the same function

    1. It stop people from making babies?? What u mean by this?? Is the is effective for the health does it effect to our productivity???

  3. It really works. But you shouldn’t drink too much. It makes your heart palpitate so drinking too much might give you heart attack.

  4. I heard about Sting Energy Drink and started drinking 2 weeks ago. At first, I didn’t like the taste (the red one) but one time, I put some ice on it and loved it! I work at night and Sting keeps me awake, at least until 4-5am.

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