The Sting Malunggay

The Sting Energy Drink got the service of Pambansang Kamao and Congressman Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao. Manny is now endorsing their newly released product, the Sting Malunggay.

sting malunggay

Before the product release. Most energy drink buyers were carrying the rival, Cobra Energy Drink. It has better flavor, according to them. After the product release. Most energy drink buyers are now drinking the new Sting Malunggay. The combination of international boxing icon and the healthy malunggay has a great impact on sales. Note: My observation does not represent the whole Philippine market.

Both Manny and malunggay induce the placebo effect. Anyone feel more healthy and strong by believing on power punch of Manny and healthy benefits of green leaves. I can haul more rice because I am taking the favorite drink of boxing champion. Malunggay is healthy indeed.

Contains malunggay extract. Extract from 25 malunggay leaves. Never sure how they define leaf.  The amount was too little if they are pertaining to every single round leaflets. Appropriate and perhaps very healthy if they are referring to a whole tripinnate leaf – a  single large petiole with all petiolules and leaflets intact. Drinking this 240ml energy drink is like taking 25 malunggay trippinate leaves.

a malunggay tripinnate leaf

The 25 leaves might be referring to 25 leaflets singles. There was no noticeable difference in aroma, color and taste as compared to yellow colored Sting.  The product is still too sweet and smells too sweet. The color appears darker due to a dark colored label.

It should not confused any pregnant and lactating women. The presence of malunggay is not a reason to take it. It is still a caffeinated drink which might affect you and baby’s health.

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