Using Drinking Straw Might Help Prevent Teeth Cavities

There are two ways to drink the favorite juice. Method one, sip it directly from the brim of glass or bottle mouth. Method two, get a drinking straw, place it in juice and sip.

bottle mouth with plastic drinking straw

Why use straw if it can be sipped directly? Drinking straws are disposable and will add to Earth’s file of garbage. The first type of drinking straw invented was real plant straw.

Lets go back to drinking methods. Each method has its own advantage. One is better than other depending on person’s perception.

Drinking with a drinking straw is better in terms of health issues. The straw is placed in between teeth. Sipping draws the liquid from the container to mouth. Swallowing is done immediately after every sip. Thus the contact of sweet substance with the teeth is lessen. Less chance of teeth cavities. It will not lessen the intake of calories, however.

Sipping directly from glass brim or bottle mouth is better in terms of environmental issue. As mentioned before, drinking straws are disposable, single use only.

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