Sugar is Not a Necessity!

Human are born with a sweet tooth, we love all sort of sweet stuffs. We love eating ripe mangoes, apples, watermelons, ponkan, lychee, rambutan and jackfruit. Sugar production technologies was invented due to human love for sweet.

The first sugar are the traditional muscovado sugar and the brown sugar. Purification technologies make the sugar white and pleasant looking, the famous white or refined sugar.

Then we started making a lot of sweet products. Many food commodities taste better when sugar is added. Cassava is processed to sweet cassava cake. Eggs to leche flan. Fruits to candies, ice cream, sweet preserves, jams, jellies, marmalades and dried sweet products. Most of us only drink sweet milk, sweet coffee, sweet tea and sweet juice.

Sugar can be compared to addicting drugs. We feel that we cannot live without it. Due to this, we patronize sugar and continue to patronize it even if the price is skyrocketing. We continue to consume excessive amount of sugar even if we know it side effects, especially to diabetic individuals.

a pack of white sugar

People will continue to buy rice even if its price reaches 500 pesos per kilogram. Rice is a necessity, we will continue to eat it no matter what the cost. On the other hand, what if sugar cost reaches 500 per kilogram. Anyone will think thrice before buying a kilo.

Unsweetened milk, coffee and tea may not be good to drink but it just a matter of adaptation. Try to drink black coffee everyday, you will notice that it becomes delectable day after day. Sugar is not a necessity, we can live a healthier life without it.

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