Is It Okay to Swallow Chewing Gum?

Mom is always telling us not to swallow even a single bubble gum. It is sticky, not digestible and will stick to stomach. There is no way to get it out if do happens. How scary! We were really frightened  in case of accidental swallowing.

rolled chewing gum

Bubble gum or chewing gum is made of gum base plus sugar, oil – as softener, flavors and colors. Both natural and synthetic gum base are indeed not digestible. It should not be swallowed cause it is not seen by the digestive system as food. A rare accidental swallowing is fine. Taking in large amount in very short period might cause blockage. A long term frequent swallowing might cause problem as well. Always remember, too much of everything is bad.

It sticks to surfaces but will never on wets. Imagine, it cannot be chewed if it sticks. It sticks immediately to tongue and teeth thus chewing is not possible.  The mouth down to stomach and to anus have wet surfaces. There is no way the gum sticks to it. It will be expelled out as waste.

Generally not recommended for toddlers and kids who never know how chewing gum works. He might just swallow every piece on his hands. Chewing alone might no be good for gums. It put too much strain. He gonna take out the chewed gum and stick it anywhere, to his hair, skin, clothing and furnitures. And, the sugar content may lead to early tooth decay.

Instead of worrying about gum digestibility, make it work for better digestion of other foods. Chew just before or after meal to build up sufficient stomach acids.

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