The Sweetest Kawayan Ubod and Medicinal Bamboos

Do you think bamboo shoots can be naturally sweet? I never knew it until I read this set of flyers.

machiku and other bamboo flyer

The first flyer said: Visit different variety of bamboo for sale at the outdoor exhibits, booth 1 to 4. Carolina Bamboo Garden / Dasoland.

The second flyer said: Bamboo and its primary uses!

Machiku has the sweetest bamboo shoot. It was a surprised. The common kayawan tinik ubod taste awesome as ginatan or simple ginisa. What more if the sweet bamboo shoot is used. I think it is good in its raw state.

Other bamboos with edible shoots are Bayog (Bambusa sp), Buddha’s Belly (Bambusa tuldoides Munro), Kawayan Tinik (Bambusa blumenea), Oldham bamboo (Bambusa oldhamii Munro) and Thailand bamboo (Thyrsostachy siamensis Gamble).

Other bamboo varieties have medicinal properties, the Buddha’s Belly, the Giant and the Wamin. There was a third flyer but it never had details on how to use and for what specific disorders.

The third flyer gave details about different bamboo varieties available in Carolina Bamboo Garden. I was interested only to sweet and medicinal bamboos.

Scientific Name: Dendrocalamus latiflorus Munro
Origin: China
Uses: Best shoots producing species, ornamental bamboo, making baskets and hats
Propagation: Seeds, culm and rhizome cutting (offsets)
Culms: 14-15m tall and 8-20 cm diameter
Large sized bamboo specie

Scientific Name: Bambusa tuldoides Munro
Origin: China
Uses: Ornamental, outdoor pot accent, handicraft, edible, medicinal
Propagation: Culm cuttings
Rhizome type: Clump forming or sympodial
Grows 25 to 35 feet tall with culm diameter of 2.30 inches. Can develop pot belly internodes. Medium sized bamboo type

Scientific Name: Dendrocalamus asper
Origin: Southeast Asia
Uses: House and bridge construction, medicinal
Propagation: Branch cuttings
Rhizome type: Clump forming or sympodial
Culms: 20-30 m tall and 8-20 cm diameter
Large sized bamboo specie

Scientific name: Bambusa vulgaris cv wamin
Origin: China
Uses: Planted as landscape ornamentals and interior decorations, medicinal
Propagation: Culm cuttings
Culms: 3-5 m tall and 1.8-2.1 cm diameter
Medium sized bamboo specie

Hmm… I failed following the first flyer instruction. I went home without looking closely at their booths.

==== update…

I found a picture of buddha’s belly bamboo plantlets while browsing my digital camera. It was taken during the recently concluded Agrilink Foodlink and Aqualink 2013.

buddha's belly bamboo plantlets


and here is the wamin bamboo.

dwarf wamin bamboo for sale

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