Tagulinau / Tagulinaw Herbal Plant

I looked over the window and saw kuya Rod washing some weeds a.k.a. herbal medicine. It is really a herbal medicine according to his response. It was meant for medicinal bath.

What is medicinal bath or medicinal bath solution? From the Filipino tradition, different type of herbs are gathered and boiled in generous amount of water. Cooled to touch, about 45 °C, and use for bathing by person previously suffered from sickness, usually fever. Also, by woman who gave birth recently.

The plant is tagulinau or tagulinaw. A herbal medicine, a weed, which can be found growing anywhere. Growth period is unknown. Today’s calendar month is October – maybe this herb is abundant from September to December, the rainy cold months.

tagulinau tagulinaw

The plant is edible according to Burkil and Stuart Exchange. I pulled up two plants and brought it to office. My boss tried it and said it tasted flat and tasted like ashitaba. I was totally clueless. I have never tasted ashitaba yet nor see it in real.

I rolled one leaf and ground it in between my teeth. All I can say – it tasted flat and smelled like any other ordinary grass.

The plant can be used as/for: 1) ulcer treatment, 2) expectorant, cough cure, 3) fever cure, 4) digestive problems, 5) eye drop for night blindness, 6) sore throat, and 7) poultice wound and swelling (bpi.da.gov.ph).

Information about the herb are limited. Please add! Your inputs will be highly appreciated!

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