Takip-Suso/Kohol Uses and Benefits, Centella asiatica

My mom is growing this medicinal herb in her front yard. She said that it is a good cure for diarrhea and effective in lowering blood pressure.

Centella asiatica / Takip-kohol is also known as gotu-kola and pennyworth. Other names are as follows:

Local names: Hahanghalo (C. Bis.); panggaga (Sub.); pispising (Bon.); tagaditak (Iv.); takip-kohol (Tag.); takip-suso (Tag.); tapiñgan-daga (Tag.); yahong-yahong (S. L. Bis.); Indian Hydrocotyle (Engl.).

Medicinal properties according to Bureau of Plant and Industries:

The leaves of Centella asiatica have been widely regarded as having tonic and stimulant properties and have been recommended for many complaints. The plant is reputed to have a direct action on lowering blood pressure. It is also known as a rejuvenating medicament. The leaves are sometimes eaten raw, but more usually a decoction or tea is made from them.

In the Philippines, according to Guerrero, the sap of the leaves is employed as a curative for wounds of the sclerotic. The decoction is considered a diuretic and is said to be useful in gonorrhoea.

The leaves are toasted and given in infusion to children in bowel-complaints and fevers. They are also applied as an anti-inflammatory, to parts that have seed are used for dysentery, fever, and headache.

takip suso or gotukola

5 Replies to “Takip-Suso/Kohol Uses and Benefits, Centella asiatica”

  1. Hi! We have lots of these takip-kuhol and ashitaba here in our institution (Asociacion de Damas de Filipinas). If you want, please message us thru our facebook account. It’s for free 🙂

  2. Hi, thanks for the info. Actually, I’m a Sri Lankan student currently studying here in the Philippines. This plant is known as “Gotu Kola” in my language, Sinhala. This is an extremely popular plant in Sri Lanka and we use the leaves to prepare salads (Mallum), porridges (Kanda) and various other dishes. It has great medicinal values too, just as you mentioned above. Back in Sri Lanka, my mum almost everyday used to prepare the salad for me.
    I tried to find it here in the Philippines, but failed to. Do you know any place where I could buy the leaves? I would be grateful if you could inform me. Because of your article, I at least now know that Gotu Kola is Takip- Kohol in Tagalog and know some other dialect versions too…. Thanks!

    1. Hello!

      You can actually find live plant and leaves seller from Sulit.com and Ebay.com. Look for the keywords gotu kola and takip kohol. Choose the seller nearest to your place so you could meet. I bought mine from Cavite State University, Indang Cavite.

      You can also seek the help of friends and nearby herbal garden and state universities.

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