Health Benefits of Talinum

The plant is growing beside my auntie’s lpg warehouse. The leaves and stem are succulent and can be eaten both. It bears a pink flower that can also be eaten. No one is pulling it off because its a vegetable but no one is cooking it either. I wonder why? My better half said that it is good for sinigang but she have never tried it yet.

According to my research the plant is also called Philippine spinach. It can be eaten raw or cook like spinach. Also rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins.

This plant is a healthy vegetable. P.M. Aja, A.N.C. Okaka, P.N. Onu, U. Ibiam and A.J. Urako conducted a study about “Phytochemical Composition of Talinum triangulare (Water Leaf) Leaves”. Results of this study revealed that leaves of T. triangulare contain an appreciable amount of flavonoids, alkaloids, saponins, among others and low level of toxicants like tannins, since it contains substantial amount of bioactive compounds. It can therefore be concluded that T. triangulare leaves can contribute significantly to the health management of man and should be recommended in our daily nutritional need.


Bioactive compounds are non-nutrient plant components but have acclaimed health benefits. Flavonoids are polyphenol antioxidants found naturally in plants. Saponins have beneficial effects on blood cholesterol levels, cancer, bone health and stimulation of the immune system.

However, caution should be taken when planting this vegetable because it tend to adsorbs all types of metals where it is planted, including arsenic. Inorganic fertilizers and chemical pesticides should not be applied as much as possible. Just practice the organic way or farming.

I gonna ask my better half to create some recipe out of talinum. I gonna share them soon.

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  1. Pls I need materials on this topic, Talinum triangulae: biology uses and public enlightenment on health benefits

  2. Today I made chicken sinigang (garlic onion tomatoes ginger and 4 kaffir leaves) with eggplants and freshly-picked talinum leaves with stems. Super yummy!

    1. chopped talinum mix it with canned tuna flakes with chili, onions and bread crumbs/crushed biscuits as binder and topped with boiled or salted eggs for a healthy mea

  3. Thanks to Phil spinach plant, i grow this in pots at home no pesticides or inorganic fertilizers. I blend this with yogurt and ampalaya leaves. It improved my health.

  4. now i know..i got lots of it in the backyard thought it was not useful…i will try it later to my tinolang manok…

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