Tawa Tawa For Cigarette Making?

Don’t get me wrong here. I am not encouraging anyone to make cigarette out of tawa tawa herb or any medicinal plants. The title is one of the interesting keywords appearing on my Google Analytics page. Well, it can’t be helped. People are born creative and money maker.

Back in the days, we were too young to smoke. But, almost every adult around us were smoking freely. Some of them were chain smokers. We were very curious how it taste. It kinda like very manly. We wanted to try but were not allowed to. We were just contented with the santol sticks and dried papaya leaves wrapped in scratch paper. We did it in hiding however.

One time I saw a herbal cigarette in Carica store. Not sure if it has papaya leaves or not. Perhaps it has. But I am sure it is nicotine free.

His intention is good. Smoking is harmful to health of both smokers and non smokers. The herb is a possible nicontine free alternative. Hope he never intend dengue patients to do herbal smoking as alternative cure.

Tawa tawa herb for dengue treatment is boiled and drank by patients until their blood platelet counts rise to normal level. The herb when dried and formed into cigarette will be burned and produce coal, ash and smoke. By then, we are not sure if the herb potent properties are carried by, or completely degraded.

If we are so eager to lessen the effects of cigarettes. Then, why not stop its manufacture and distribution. We simply cannot because manufacturers and traders are paying huge taxes. We are convinced without those taxes, our country won’t have enough budget.

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