Two Tea Preparations and Two Fruits to Cure LBM

I found a video on YouTube while searching for loose bowel movement remedy. Our five months old baby girl and three years old boys currently have it. It sure not the right medication for them but it might work fine for older guy like me and you.

1) Kaynito / Star apple. It has tannins and polyphenols that helps cure lose bowel movement.

2) Nilagang Dahon ng Kaynito (boiled star apple leaves). Bring to boil two glasses water and one glass chopped leaves for five minutes. Drink one glass three times a day until the symptoms are gone.

3) Bayabas Leaves. Reduce the amount of toxins and prevents its further buildup. Bring to boil two glasses of water, ten chopped bayabas leaves, small flattened ginger and a tablespoon sugar for ten minutes. Drink three times a day until cured.

4) Bananas. It is good in replacing loss potassium due to LBM. It also has the capacity to replace bad bacteria with good set.

5) Drink the 1-8-1 Formula. Mix one liter water, eight teaspoon sugar and one teaspoon salt. Drink one to two glasses every hour everyday. This is good in replacing loss body electrolytes.

If symptoms persist, consult your doctor!

From Salamat Dok’s Home Remedy for LBM(Loose Bowel Movement).

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